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Here are few testimonials received from our employees...


Ajay Kumar                                    Received I485 Approval in October 2014

I would like to take this opportunity to thank you – the Sure Tech team. I could bring my career to this status only because of a good support and timely help in filing my green card process. I appreciate the way this process was handled. Right from joining the company; Shiva, Suresh, Kalyani and Ram were very helpful to me. Three cheers for the perfect team work. I like the leadership role of CEO Suresh. I would like to appreciate the guidance provided by Suresh and Shiva. From time to time, Shiva listened to my problems and situations patiently and provided me appropriate guidance. Sure Tech Services Inc will definitely thrive. I would recommend my friends to join this company.


Rupak Devkota                   Received I485 Approval in September 2013

We are very much excited to announce that I and my wife have received our I485 approvals and Permanent Resident cards this morning. Finally, our dream came true all because of you and the sure tech team. Many many thanks to you and the team. Beginning with PERM, H1B, I140 and then I485, all the processes were handled very smooth; without any audits and queries. All this could happen only because of your proper documentation, high quality work, prompt responses, combined with a lot of patience and  valuable guidance. I am very happy to be a part of this company and as always I would definitely recommend STS to my friends circle. STS is indeed committed to deliver Excellence.


Srinivasulu Korrapati                                                    Received I485 Approval in September 2013

As you know, we received our 485 Approval notifications today. I would like to take this opportunity to thank you, Shiva and the STS team for taking up my case, in the time of real need; and bringing us to this final stage. This was possible only because of proper documentation, high quality paper work and prompt responses made by STS, with H1, H1 extensions and GC applications. I appreciate Shiva very much, for his patience in answering all of my queries and concerns during the past six years. I have been recommending and will be continuing to recommend Sure Tech for anyone looking for a reliable and solid employer. Thank you again! Our best wishes to Sure Tech team and all the employees in all their endeavors.


Sujatha Peravali                                                         Received I485 Approval in September 2013

We finally got greened this Saturday. I want to thank you and team personally for their efforts in doing all the necessary in my case. I would like to commend Shiva for being my single point of contact from the time I joined Sure Tech in 2008 and helping me all this time. Thank you all once again.

Vamshidhar Keesara                                                     Received I485 Approval in August 2013

I would like to thank STS staff for assisting me and my wife with getting our I-485 approvals. I appreciate Shiva and Kalyani very much, for their patience in answering all of my queries and concerns, from beginning of the time that I joined Sure Tech. I can confidently say that STS, under the leadership of Suresh, is one of the best companies around; and would recommend Sure Tech for anyone seeking reliable GC sponsorship. Thank you again! Our Best Wishes to Sure Tech Team and all the employees in their endeavors.

Shivappa  Nagaraja                                                       Received I140 Approval in December 2011

 I would like to take this opportunity to thank Suresh, Shiva and the Sure Tech team for taking up my case and bringing it to this stage. All my queries and concerns were addressed patiently by Shiva which I must appreciate. Once again thanks to Sure Tech team.


Rashid Zaidi                                                               Received I485 Approval in August 2011

We are very happy to receive our green cards. I thank Sure Tech Team, especially Shiva, for helping us from the day one.


Mithesh Shah                                                              Received EB2 I140 Approval in May 2011

 I am extremely thankful for helping me reach this stage of my career with H1B and I-140 approvals. All this has been possible only because of your utmost prompt handling of my case. Many thanks to Shiva for showing patience and dedication in everything that he did for me. Right from the day one when I started my labor filing process, he was very much approachable with filing I-140, searching the project and filing H1B. He clarified all the questions that I had at each point of time. I truly appreciate and admire the proactive and diligent work done by Sure Tech team, in resolving each and every issue.


Sreeram Chinta                                                             Received I485 Approval in March 2012

We are really excited to announce that we have received our green cards past week. A long awaited moment that suddenly became real. This wouldn't have been possible without timely and meticulous adherence to process by awesome Sure tech team. Really great job and we cannot thank Sure tech enough. I would like to take this opportunity to specially thank Suresh and Shiva. Suresh's valuable guidance helped us in making right decisions from time to time and Shiva has been a great friend who helped me from the moment I joined Sure tech a little over 4 years back.


Geeta Devi                                                                  Received I485 Approval in September 2010

We are really excited about the great news. I convey my sincere thanks to the Sure Tech team for helping me reach this milestone. I offer many thanks to Shiva, for bearing with me and my adhoc queries, with a lot of patience and dedication. Sure tech team has always been very prompt and proactive in handling my GC matters. They have always been very approachable in answering my questions. I thank Sure Tech team for their diligence and meticulous work. I believe that their immigration expertise, their attitude and result oriented business processes will continue to benefit many more professionals; and this message will be broadcasted from my end at all times. Let the flag fly high!


Karthikeyan Prabhakaran                                                Received I485 Approval in September 2010

Suresh/Shiva: We received our I485 approval notifications yesterday. Thank you and the rest of Sure Tech team, in helping me complete this Green Card process successfully. I really appreciate Shiva and others for doing the meticulous paperwork; and resolving any issues that came across. I have and will continue to recommend Sure Tech to anyone looking for a reliable employer.


Karunakar Mandadi                                                       Received I485 Approval in July 2010

Suresh: We received our approval notices and permanent resident cards last night. Thank you very much for all your help. Your prompt response, perfect timely counseling, high quality of work and dedication are the main reasons behind our successful completion of the green card journey. Complete credit goes to You, Joycee and Shiva. I will keep working with our team and keep recommending consultants in the manner I have been doing.


Sreeram Chinta                                                          Received I140 Approval in January 2010

Thanks for taking care of our immigration issues and addressing them in a timely manner. We are very happy that our I140 got approved and also received our H1 extension without any issues. Our sincere thanks to you and the entire Sure Tech Team!


 Amit Kumar                                                              Received I485 Approval in September 2009

I am very happy and excited to share the news that my wife and I received our Green Cards yesterday!!! I am still unable to believe it!!! I started my process with STS in Aug 2007; and in less than 2 years, I received the cards. It wouldn’t have been possible without the diligence and hard work of the entire STS team. Till date, all kinds of documentation have been of a high quality and were delivered in a timely manner. And we would like to take this opportunity to sincerely thank the entire STS staff for all your efforts. I could not have made a better decision than to join STS in Aug 2007 when I was looking for a change in employment; and I would also like to thank Kashif for recommending STS. Right from the first day, Shiva and team have been very prompt and patient in answering all my questions and concerns. For the quality of your work and service, I would definitely recommend STS to many of my friends. Keep going...!!!


Madhava Mallayagari                                                     Received I140 Approval in August 2009

Myself and my wife Srividya are very excited with the I140 Approval news. Many thanks for handling my labor audit in an outstanding manner. I want to specially thank Shiva for all his hard work and for taking my calls to answer any questions that I have had.


Rashid Zaidi                                                              Received I140 Approval in August 2008

I am very happy to learn about my I-140 approval. I really appreciate the efforts of all SureTech Team, especially Shiva Kumar whom I call for all my every day questions.


Chandrasekhar Ayyalaraju                                                 Received I485 Approval in July 2008

Today I received my I-485 approval. Praveena and I are very excited to receive this notice. We don’t have words to express our gratitude to Sure Tech team. Actually, it is a miracle for us to receive this approval in such a short time. Many… many… thanks for your help. It is also time for me to convey my special thanks to Shiva. Wow...what a patience and promptness! Thank you, Shiva, for your support and for answering all my questions, each and every time.


Amit Das                                                                  Received I140 Approval in July 2008

I am glad to receive my I140 approval today. I also take this opportunity to thank the entire STS team for their diligence and hard work, and for finishing up all the formalities in a timely fashion.


Prabhakar Mula                                                             Received I485 Approval in June 2008

Today I received my I-485 approval. It was such a great excitement and a big sigh of relief for me and my family. I would like to thank Suresh, Shiva and the Sure Tech Team for the great support and help that I received.


Prem Yendrapati                                                            Received I485 Approval in August 2007

 Wow…Wow...Wow!!! I can't tell you how much happy I and Shanti are today. Thanks a lot, Suresh and Joycee! You helped us a lot in every step of our Green Cards right from the Labor filing, everything very correctly and very timely. I would not have received it this fast, if I did not make the decision to switch to SureTech Services in the right Time; and right from there it is a joyful experience through this GC approval. We never thought we will make it this soon - especially after I knew from couple of weeks back that our cases are pending on background Check. Wow! Many… many… thanks to both of you and all the SureTech team! I'll definitely refer as many candidates as possible to Sure Tech.


Soma Sekhar                                                                Received I485 Approval in July 2007

 I just received my I485 Approval. Just a few days ago, I lost hopes on getting the green card in the near future; but I am very relieved now. My sincere thanks go to Sure Tech for the help that I can’t forget in my whole life. I also thank Sure Tech team for patiently doing all of my paper work every time I decided to change projects for my personal reasons. I really haven't worked with such a good company and with such good-natured people before, in my 7 years of my stay in United States. I told this to many people during my stay with Sure Tech; and I will keep saying the same thing too, to many in future.


Asif Hussain                                                                Received I485 Approval in April 2007

 My labor certification was stuck for almost 4 years with my old company. That is when I saw Sure Tech's ad in DICE and called them. Sure Tech got my labor approved within a month, without charging me a penny upfront. Then it took me almost 4 months to finally decide on leaving my old company, and going back to consulting business. When I finally joined them in May 2006, I had no idea how long the rest of the process would take. I thought it could take 2 - 2 and a half years or so. But I got my green card within a year. And throughout the whole process, I received some very good suggestions from Sure Tech, at each and every step. They really understood my issues and worked very hard on addressing them. I received a very fair treatment throughout the whole process. KUDOS to Suresh, Joycee and the team for doing such a wonderful job! I am really grateful to them; I couldn’t have made it without them.

Anil Reddy                                                               Received I1485 Approval in January 2005

 We are very thankful to Suresh for his promptness and paperwork.


Madhan Gopal                                                           Received I485 Approval in July 2004

Suresh, I am so… excited with this great news! It's all because of you! Thanks a lot for all your help!




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